Online Exhibitor Manual

Showman has been developed as a well balanced solution to provide all the benefits of an online exhibitor manual whilst being very easy to use and maintain.

Backed by our market leading service and support Showman is flexible enough to be moulded to an organisers specific requirements and an events individual needs.

We take the traditional Online Exhibitor Manual and develop a complete Digital Exhibitor Manual for your show. We make the Manual as paperless as possible and can very easily integrate with third party Registration systems, websites etc.

Revenue generation

Sponsorship and advertising can be supported throughout Showman including banner adverts, form sponsorship and email sponsorship.

Brand building and client retention

Providing services to develop and streamline your clients and suppliers business through your brand.

Save time and money

By streamlined show management support of on and offline operations Showman will save considerable time on daily workloads providing an overhead saving against the financial investment in ShowMan.

Improved data and information

No more paper work and bad quality faxes with Showman's digital forms. All submitted data can easily be viewed, searched, filtered or downloaded using a variety of online reporting tools.

Flexible publishing

Content can be easily published via a secure non technical admin area. The exhibitor manual can go on-line ahead of traditional print publication dates to provide exhibitors enough time to meet early deadlines. Further content can be added to the online exhibitor manual ongoing.

Green credentials

No paper, postage or delivery cost for printed manuals contributes to your environmental initiatives and makes your company greener. These green credentials can also be adopted by exhibitors as an incentive to encourage them to use the online service.

Technical support

Good support is crucial to a successful online experience. We are available round the clock to support all time zones and our unmatched service level will respond to your requests within 10 minutes and complete most requests within hours.

Setting up the Online Exhibitor Manual

Setting up the Online Exhibitor Manual is very simple. All we need from you is the relevant information and forms (in any format). Once we receive this information we will set up the Online exhibitor Manual and hand it over to you.

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