Networking and Matchmaking Widget

Make your event a success by bringing your participants together with My World of Expo's powerful Networking and Matchmaking Widget - Meeting 1-2-1.

My World of Expo has the latest and most modern Networking and Matchmaking system tailored for our clients as per their requirements.

The system is smart enough to make auto recommendations of other exhibitors/visitors to the user based on their meetings already requested!

Organisers can add unlimited user types like Visitors, Delegates, Speakers, VIPs etc.

Key Features

  • Create and edit user profiles
  • Online Chat: Users can chat securely and privately within the system
  • Automated email updates
  • Lets participants add their interests
  • Saving documents/notes
  • Make and manage appointments/meetings
  • Book personal/group meetings
  • Users can accept/reject requets
  • Save contacts
  • Easy and intuitive user interface
  • Users can view, maintain and download their diary
  • Add other users
  • The automated matchmaking process suggests visitors/exhibitors/delegates/speakers based on mutual interests
  • Users are enabled with a complete mailing system
  • Mobile/Tablet friendly
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Key Benefits

  • Interaction and engagement amongst users is the key deliverable of our system; which in turn increases attendee satisfaction resulting in a successful event
  • The matchmaking tool gives the users a personalized experience by helping them connect with the right people
  • Organizers can evaluate event success through the comprehensive user interaction reports


    The Networking Widget integrates with most third prarty suppliers such as Online Registration Companies, CRM Systems, Website Provides etc.

    The Networking Widget integrates with all My World of Expo's other modules seamlessly to give a flawless experience to the users as well as the Event Organisers.