Our Technology

Hosting and Software Environment

Our servers are hosted by one of the World's leading Server hosting Company, Rackspace in the United Kingdom.

Physical Security

  • Keycard protocols, biometric scanning protocols and round-the-clock interior and exterior surveillance monitor access to every one of our data centers.
  • Only authorized data center personnel are granted access credentials to our data centers. No one else can enter the production area of the datacenter without prior clearance and an appropriate escort.
  • Data center employee undergoes multiple and thorough background security checks before they're hired.

Precision Environment

  • Data center's HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) system is N+1 redundant. This ensures that a duplicate system immediately comes online should there be an HVAC system failure.
  • Every 90 seconds, all the air in data centers are circulated and filtered to remove dust and contaminants.
  • Advanced fire suppression systems are designed to stop fires from spreading in the unlikely event one should occur.

Core Routing Equipment

  • Only fully redundant, enterprise-class routing equipment is used in data centers.
  • Fiber carriers enter data centers at disparate points to guard against service failure

Network Technicians

  • Networking and security teams working in data centers are certified and thoroughly experienced in managing and monitoring enterprise level networks.
  • Certified Network Technicians are trained to the highest industry standards.


We have Hybrid Servers with managed hosting services. This provides an additional level of support on Hybrid Servers which includes monitoring and application infrastructure layer support.

Our Technology

My World of Expo have designed its GUI , CMS and Online Exhibitor Manual in the latest .NET platform with backend database in SQL. Other details are:

  • Front end : ASP.NET with c#
  • Back end : SQL Server
  • Web technologies : HTML, DHTML,XML
  • Scripting Languages : Javascript, AJAX
  • Working on the MVC architecture.

With the use of Microsoft ASP.NET Application Development My World of Expo's development team have been able to create, integrate and design several ASP.NET applications for Event Organisers around the World with their business application solutions.

Using the .NET framework our Web developers have developed and implemented many powerful web applications for our clients.

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